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Automation and PR: What does the PR specialist do to help his work?

A modern PR manager must possess the following qualities: To be able do everything, communicate with everyone, and have time everywhere. The universal “skills” of a PR specialist are particularly relevant today as many companies reduce their advertising budgets and staff. Ksenia Reznikova is a PR specialist at PRNEWS and spoke about the future of the PR industry. IO.

Here’s a little about PR Tech

Long-term planning is no longer the norm. Technology allows us to quickly respond to any situation. Not only can we make quick decisions, but we can also implement them. This where technology steps in to save the day.

PR Tech is a tool to automate what was previously done manually.

  • Literacy and search engine optimization tests
  • Search for newsbreaks
  • Reputation is key to success
  • Autoposting and organization mailings
  • design;
  • Media search
  • Communication with journalists

SEO and Literacy Check

We won’t talk about the horrors of “9-vita Itashka” or “kagbe”. This means that content created by our readers is sufficient in literacy. It is important to verify that stop words, stationery and compliance with typographic norms are present. If not, then why bother?


  • To make text look better, you can use Glvrd.ru or Glavred. Then you can decide.
  • “Typographer” was created in lebedev’s studio to correct the material from the point-of-view of typographic standards (indentations and quotation marks, as well as hyphens).
  • SEO Writer Assistant can be used to find keys and other SEO-optimization when there isn’t an SEO nearby or too expensive. The service will check the uniqueness and recommend the best volume based on the task.

We’re looking for newsbreaks, and we can help you find them!

When creating content for PR publications, the main consideration is the relevance and value of the information occasion.

Search for popular topics, understand what is being read, and find out how your competitors are doing Google trends. This tool displays popular topics as well as user queries.

How to keep a good reputation

A positive reputation in the network is key to stability, tranquility and security but this comes at the expense of hard work to maintain the image. This process can be slowed down by competitors and dissatisfied clients, which can lead to tears.

Google Alerts and context-ua.com will be used to control the emotional background of the brand. These services will assist in assessing the industry’s information background and understanding the performance of competitors.

Socialbakers is a social network monitoring service. He will monitor Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. He will also provide information about competitors so that they can be compared to his company.

Google Alerts allows you to select the news and topics you want, and you can also receive notifications via e-mail if you don’t have enough time.

Save time with autoposting

Advertising in social networks takes time. Publishing posts on corporate pages or in popular instant messenger channels takes time. This is a joke.

You should also consider the autoposting tools Promorepublic and Amplifr. These tools will help you plan your posts and track the views. Although the functionality of these services will vary depending on your tariff, the free versions of each service will provide an overview of their capabilities.

Mail Chimp can be used to manage mailing lists. This service can help you organize your mailing lists, gather analytics and, thanks to thoughtful settings, design letters beautifully (even if there isn’t a designer),

While individuals and small businesses can use the free service, larger businesses will be able to purchase packages “for money”.

A shabby plane won’t fly and unattractive content won’t get read

Creating visualizations while preparing content might require:

  • High-quality edited screenshots available in Lightshot and Joxi.
  • The small design was followed by Screely.com.
  • Slides, presentations, and other beauty: Crello, Prezi, and Canva.
  • Infographics (relevant at any time – “people haveayat”) Piktochart.
  • Freepick and Pixabay.com offer great, free images.

Where to publish

The news or article has been written. Now comes the question: Where do I publish it so that everyone can see it? “

Automation alone is not enough to solve the problem. PR Tech is not enough. It is also important to understand that the content must be relevant to the topic and the needs and requirements of the audience. You should also consider the gender, age, and region of the readers.

It is easy to publish a newspaper in your locality, but What about new market companies? Answer: Analyze competitors and find the right media.

neilpatel.com is a great resource for finding out where and what subjects representatives from similar industries publish their content.

PRNEWS is the media platform that helps you choose the best media. IO. The online media catalog of the content marketing platform contains more than 40 000 publications from around the globe.

What should you do if your funds are not sufficient?

It is often impossible to run global advertising campaigns due to the costs of maintaining a business’s financial health during times like these. It’s simply not possible to spend enough money.

Communicating with journalists can help you save money on lodging. Many media outlets will publish quality material free of charge – but they also want to see interesting content as the publication’s rating depends on it.

Helpareporter.com , Deadline.media and Deadline.media are all good options for journalists looking to establish relationships. You can find out more about the topic and media that interest you, then start communicating.

It is important to not forget about the quality and safety of materials. Your field is your main expertise. This should be felt by readers. Professionalism and relevance are key components to success.

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