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Career Zigzag – How a store manager became a traffic manager

Egor Tkachev started his career as a university salesman. He grew to become a manager of several stores and then opened his own store. But, Egor became more interested in IT. He graduated from GeekBrains and became a traffic manager.

Here is his story.

How I quit working in sales

I began my career in sales in 2007 He juggled study and work, trying to quickly get into the process. After four years, I was already a territory manager for five and, a little later, a manager for ten toy shops for children. After being in this position for several years, I realized that this was my ceiling. So I decided to start my business.

I opened an offline shop and began taking orders online. Because I have previous management experience, it seemed that I knew everything. I was ready to go. I invested my money and took out a loan. They went to the sale of the goods and also the registration of the LLC. Taxes, rent, and taxes were all included. The site’s development, SEO and copywriter will be paid for by him. The case began from the dead. After the initial orders were fulfilled, regular customers emerged.

I saved money by doing everything myself. I opened an offline store, sold and received orders via the Internet. It turned out that I purchased goods for dollars and sold them for rubles. The exchange rate was always growing so I didn’t have any profit or money to buy a new product. Six months later, the offline store was closed.

He also worked on the internet and did everything himself. He studied contextual advertising and set up the first campaigns. However, he was also a poor entrepreneur. It became obvious that I could not continue to work without making a profit after having a child.

I ended up going back to payroll sales. But I knew that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I desired stability and work in an office. I chose to study the context. Fortunately, I had some experience.

How did I find out what I was truly interested in?

After reflecting, I realized that internet marketing was something I wanted to learn more about. Although I was not a great at driving traffic, my thinking was limited to the context of everything. I discovered an online course for contextual marketing specialists or digital marketers.

Although it was difficult to learn, the teachers were extremely helpful. Three months ago, I was enrolled in advertising management and customer acquisition with Yandex and Google Adwords. We learned how to create goals in web analytics, track calls and integrate web analytics with other services. And, of course, we did reporting. Also, we studied the target audience and analysed competitors to determine if there was a possibility of creating a competition offer. We also analyzed the channels to attract traffic to the site, as well as preparing it for promotion. Then, we continued to practice for two months.

How I stayed in IT

Even while I was studying, I started to search for work. Borscht Agency takes the first place. I was able to pass a two-stage interview that consisted of tests and an interview based on the results.

It was easy to pass because I was counting on being an intern. The questions were only superficial. However, I was still anxious and eagerly awaited the outcome. I was then invited to work. Borscht was a specialist in mobile advertising. That’s how I got started in mobile marketing.

My current position is in the Mail.ru Group. I’m involved in the purchase and management of mobile traffic via Facebook, Google, Unity Ads, and other platforms for game projects. My responsibilities include optimizing, scaling, and analyzing traffic attracted.

Marketing beginners: What advice can I give?

Mobile advertising trends are constantly changing. You need to keep up with the latest developments and learn as much as you can. For example, you can read popular resources on mobile development, marketing, and game development.

  • You must read all documentation and pay particular attention to the innovations. It contains almost all the information required to understand some topics and work with advanced functions.
  • Follow thematic articles about resources like Habrahabr and Devtodev.
  • Check out articles about English-language services like Reddit or thetool.io
  • YouTube also regularly posts many cool conference videos. DevGamm, White Nights Conf and other examples are just a few.

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