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Experts answer: How do you replace the management company?

The public scandalous reform of housing and communal services has had a profound impact on the pockets of ordinary citizens. Management companies are currently responsible for all activities related to maintenance and repair of apartment buildings.

Consumer questions:
What happens if they don’t fulfill their obligations or offer low-quality services to customers?
How can it be done? A metropolitan example will answer some of your questions.

There are approximately 450 companies that manage the Moscow housing stock today. The majority of these companies are private management firms. 120 are urban unitary enterprises and 30 are homeowners’ associations. GUPs are much more manageable. The audit of their work in the quarter ended with 20 managers losing their jobs for their dishonesty. Private management companies are much more difficult to deal with. It is necessary to complete a complete procedure to remove it legally from economic activity. All participants must be residents.

A general meeting of all residents is possible if there are problems such as untimely garbage collection, neglected view, uncleaned entry, and low water temperature. It is essential that activists reach all apartments owners in order to notify them about the meeting and provide a list with issues for discussion. The local administration must provide a space or platform for the event. It is sometimes difficult to get the required number of people together in one location when the number of house residents exceeds several hundred.

To ensure that residents are in a rational position, it is important to be familiar with all documents provided to the management company concerning the house’s maintenance. The contract will be terminated if the management company changes. Protocols should include examples of repeated non-compliance or serious reasons to make such a decision.

The reasons for ending relations with the management company can be: termination of the contract, partial or full non-fulfillment, evasion of providing materials and meeting requests. It is best to select a new service provider in advance via a portal that provides information about all companies and their management activities as well as the cost of maintenance.

A contract between the management company and residents should be drawn on the basis that both sides have equal rights and obligations. Residents have one year to choose a new company. After the period ends, you will receive a management company that is competitive. Before then, you will continue to deal with your previous organization.

The management company must be able to change the ownership of 2/3 of the apartment owners. Notifying a variety of structures, including the bank, about the possibility of a change within a specified time frame is required. The bank will then suspend the service of the account of that former company. It is possible to change the management of the company by following all legal requirements. It will take some time and effort. It is well worth the effort to maintain order in our yards and homes.

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