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External links can increase site citation

The citation index indicates how frequently a resource was referenced by other sites. This is a measure of the authority and position of the site in search results. It also indicates its attendance. This article will discuss ways to display and get incoming links.

1. Get free apps and tools

Your site should be able to host free resources. This will naturally increase the number of incoming links. These tools can be promoted to increase your citation rates.

However, it is important to remember that developing a tool or an application can be costly. But, in-house development can show expertise better than any other way.

2. Contests and reviews: Products

You can increase your chances of getting mentions by offering free products and services. While this is the best way to increase citations it is important to keep in mind that other people can also use it. Remember that freebies and other services can cause problems in logistics, or with site design.

3. Experts and opinion leaders

By creating valuable content, potential influencers and experts can increase citations. These could be podcasts, interviews, podcasts, or lectures. This will attract customers’ attention. It is important to inform customers if the company has a department for public relations.

4. Content for other sites

You can actively share any widgets, images, tools or data that you think may be of use to other websites. You will receive many incoming links to your resource. Information graphics, embedded tools, research data and other information are all great ways to increase citations.

5. Partnerships

Potential reviewers include vendors, customers, business partners and vendors. Their feedback and recommendations can help you attract more visitors to your site. Create a list with suppliers and partners. Find ways to link to their resources.

6. Events, job postings and coupons

This can be used to increase citations if your company is always posting job openings, hosting events or launching new products. Here are some examples.

  • Sometimes, industry websites and colleges post links to job openings. Many people can convert a page about the benefits of working in a company.
  • Many cities have their own events calendars. You can post information about upcoming events and link to the site for more information.
  • Links to coupon sites that are frequently offered by the company can be included on resources offering discounts.

7. Blog posts and social media posts

There are many ways to increase the number of citations for content that your company publishes. You can use any number of PDF submission tools or niche news sites. The fact that the CEO blogs is a notable feature and merits a mention.

8. Paid Links

All doors can be opened by money. You can charge sites for your links if you have the funds. This is however a risky option as your competitors could also use it. Some search engines may even lower the rank of the site in the serps to pay for paid mentions.

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