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Google explained why comments are so important for SEO

Many people fear receiving negative comments about work. It begs the question, “Is it worth it to create a block of comments on the website?” It is worthwhile. It will promote Google. Moderation is also important.

John Muller, a representative of Google, raised this topic during the next online meeting at the Google Search Center. He stated that comments are not a ranking factor. Comments will not cause a site to rank higher in SERPs. It is crucial that users leave comments.

How user comments can help promote

Users can rank their comments by writing relevant comments on a topic. Google can learn more about the context and understand which search terms it is relevant for.

John Mueller, Google spokesperson

“Comments allow users to describe the content of the site using their own words. This provides search engines with more information about the page’s relevance for the SERPs. The comments on the page can be useful from this perspective.

The opposite is true, however. It can negatively impact the page’s ranking if users leave irrelevant comments. Google gets mixed signals regarding the topic , the page’s content and the search queries for which it is relevant.

It is important that you understand that comments posted on a site are the property of their owner. Google can penalize or degrade your rankings for comments that contain spammy links. It is possible to allow comments only after moderation.

Mueller says that it is the most important task to ensure that comments are related to the topic.

People often spam comments and post crazy stuff. It is possible to manage moderation in an acceptable manner. The right comments will give context to your page and make it easier for people to find you.

Delete comments can impact rankings

Removing comments from your site can affect rankings. The impact of comments can be either positive or negative depending on the situation.

You can improve rankings by removing spam comments or comments that are not relevant to the topic. However, comments that provide context may lead to a drop in rank.

Mueller raised the issue of deleting comments at a previous meeting.

“On one hand, comments are part of the content of the page. A comment can be a way for someone to find your page. It will prevent you from being able to access the SERPs with the relevant search query.

Promotion can be helped by comments. However, comments can have a positive impact on promotion.

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