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Here are eight common reasons for falling website traffic

A drop in traffic is a warning sign, especially for commercial websites. This is often followed by a decline in business profitability and the need for urgent crisis decisions. It is important to identify the cause as soon as possible, and then take appropriate measures to eliminate them. Dmitry Mukhin talks about how to reduce traffic on your site.

Recent site changes

It is about moving to another host, changing the design, or restructuring the structure. This can also have a negative effect on attendance due to the slower loading of pages. The following actions can have negative effects on traffic:

  • You can delete pages and links
  • Navigation adjustments that are significant
  • Information architecture changes
  • You can perform any type of manipulations using the redirect (especially if they concern URLs).

Only after re-indexing can you reliably find out about the effects of changes. It takes on average between three to four weeks and two months. It is important to always have a backup in case the indicators drop. This will make it easier for you to pinpoint the problem. You can quickly correct any problems by doing this.

Missing or invalid tracking code

It is often overlooked how important ga trace code (JavaScript code shortener, activates Google Analytics tracking), is.

It can happen after you make modifications to the code or Google Analytics plug-ins. Two key factors are important to minimize the chance of them appearing.

  • The code type. There are two types of code: standard and alternate. You can use any script if your browser supports preloading the initial script. However, alternatives may slightly improve performance in modern browsers.
  • Placement . The top of the optimal range for asynchronous variations, tag. They are therefore loaded once and kept in the cache to ensure maximum speed.

These areas should be monitored by webmasters.

Technical errors ignored

This includes “404” errors and slow loading pages.

With the aid of appropriate A/B testing, appropriate user interfaces and temperature mapping, problems can be identified. They are important in maintaining traffic stability by being promptly identified and eliminated.

Supporting web resources professionally involves performing mandatory technical error checks at least once per month.

Information Architecture Issues

The Internet platform’s structure plays an important role in ensuring that the resource is accessible and easy to use. These are the most frequent areas of concern in this context. Problems can lead to a decrease in traffic.

  • Inadequate integration of structure and search. Optimizing the platform should consider the most popular ways that users organize and search information.
  • Hypertrophied polyhierarchy. Problems may arise if each class has more than one subordinate class.
  • Unusual navigation options. This is called “banner blindness”, which refers to an invisible menu or hidden functionality on pages.

You can monitor the structure of the resource and conduct an audit to identify broken links. These actions can be taken quickly to stop or eliminate the decline in attendance.

Server overload

This can lead to downtime and failures, which in turn leads to decreased user interest and a slower loading speed. This causes slow scrolling, increased response times to common commands and sometimes a lack of feedback from web platforms. This state of affairs is irritating for users and causes them to leave the site.

The first thing you should do in such a case is to restart your server. You should first contact the provider to make this request. If that fails, you can contact the provider to request replacement or a different tariff plan.


Search robots won’t be able correctly identify pages if meta tags are not written in accordance with SEO basics, or if they are accidentally modified or absent. This will have a negative impact on page ranking.

These are the most important points to remember when filling out description, viewport and title.

  • syntax — Correctly define the tags in the HTML code for the site
  • Consider the current requirements for search engines for tags.
  • Consider examples of reference tag filling.

Don’t forget to review robots.txt and sitemap.xml as well as the SSL certificate, analytics data, and other search service information.


Search engines strive to improve the quality and quantity of the resources related to the issue. New filters are constantly introduced, and the existing ones are upgraded to meet this goal. These are the most popular search engines in the world:

  • “Yandex”: “AGS”,” “Baden-Baden”,,”Minusinsk”, and “Nepot”, filters to cheat behavioral metrics, affiliates. Adult content, improper mobile redirects, and inadvertent mobile traffic adaptation;
  • Google – Panda, Penguin and Sandbox. Also, domain age, citations, filters for broken hyperlinks, duplicate content, duplicate content, overoptimization, pages too many, slow loading, inability to adapt.

They inspect the content and identify spammy, unoriginal, or watertext materials. They also fight cheating. A drop in traffic to a site that is subject to filters is normal.

Traffic Sources

There are many types of sand, but these are the most popular.

  • Search results. Although organic traffic has slow returns and requires constant maintenance, it is welcomed by searchers, is free and intended to have a long-term effect so it is the best.
  • Advertisement This requires significant financial investment as well as in-depth marketing knowledge. It can be used with great results.
  • Social media. Although it is easy to launch a campaign to attract users, it requires creativity and the constant participation of a specialist. You don’t need to make large financial investments but it can be done.

Indexing difficulties may explain the drop in attendance following the update of the resource. Search engines may be able to change her direction. This could be a sign that the search engines are changing her way. Another alarming sign is a reduced attendance and advertising budget.

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