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How can SEO-promotion help a developer to increase sales?

Marketers are limited in their tools. This includes blocking Instagram and Facebook, disabling Google contextual advertising and restricting YouTube. How can you promote your product in this new reality? The SEO optimization of your site is one of the tools. Experts reported that Google SEO orders have increased by 35-60% since the deactivation of advertising. We share a checklist to optimize your site and give you tips on how to increase traffic.

We have heard from developers recently that SEO promotion is dead. However, we did a thorough analysis of the most popular queries regarding new buildings and search results.

Digital lost the most important tools for lead generation, Instagram, Facebook Google, TikTok, and Google. The blocks are particularly painful for companies that didn’t use organic traffic (search), but instead used paid traffic. This situation is yet another reminder that lead generation channels need to be diverse. Relying solely on one channel can prove very dangerous. Even with all the indulgences (I believe in the goodness), it is crucial to search for other channels and search engine optimization is an excellent option. Dmitry SevostyanovFounder and CEO Remarque

After search results for high frequency queries such as “buy an apartament”, SEO for developers was no longer relevant. These searches were filled with aggregator websites and real estate agencies, CYAN, Domclick.ru, Avito.ru, Floors, displacing developers on the first page.

In an effort to attract traffic for high-frequency queries, the developers realized that SEO was no longer a viable tool. We set out to answer the question, “Is it possible to promote the website of a developer in search results using search engine optimization?”

How did you conduct the study?

Clustering was performed on a set of key real estate requests. We then analysed which requests aggregators are most prominent in the issue. The issue also contained requests from developers where 80% of their websites were identified.

We received a total of 100 requests. The developer will have the opportunity to review the issue on the first page.

  • Brand
  • Requests for specific projects – reviews, construction progress, layout
  • Localization
  • Promotions, discounts, mortgages, installments
  • Materials for walls (panel, monolith, brick).
  • Deadline
  • Number of rooms
  • Type of accommodation
  • There are many options for finishing apartments

What ranking criteria should you use to assess the website of a developer?

  • The site’s presence in the directory of Ya.Business or Google My Business
  • You can check the number of pages indexed on the site.

The higher the number of pages included in search results, the better chance the site will appear at the TOP of search results.

  • Site quality index (IKS) should rise with increased site attendance. The site’s audience size, user satisfaction, and trust from users are all factors that are considered when calculating the quality index. Yandex is also used to calculate it
  • The number of incoming links to this site

Search engines use links to assess the authority of resources. This is a ranking factor in real estate. The linkpad.ru website allows you to check the number and quality of all incoming links.

  • High-quality, original content on the pages of this site: texts, images and videos about the object/company
  • Review availability on the site
  • Calculator and selection by parameters of apartments – key commercial factors

It is not possible to win the request “buy an apartments”, but it is possible to win the request “apartments in the center from the developer” or “mortgage through the developer”. SEO optimization should be a key component of the site’s success. This will not only increase attendance, but also the number of appeals and calls.

What should you be paying attention to?

SEO optimization does not require you to concentrate on your project site. You should also pay attention to sites that have reviews, such as otzovik.com or zoon.ru. These are the most popular websites in your area. This is where users can share their experiences with the company and have an impact on the overall perception of the company.

Developers should have their own pages on all services. Respond to customers’ reviews and comments and keep the information updated. This will help create a positive brand image.

Aggregators are the next site developers should be present.

These tools are just as important because they account for a large percentage of real estate traffic. You can create company profiles on aggregator websites and sites that have ads related to your topic. Also, you can update the information on objects on these sites regularly. Track reviews and don’t forget to collaborate with them in the future. Communicate with those who are on these sites.

These are the stages of SEO-optimization in Remarque

  • Internal optimization (optimization pages for key queries and development of new pages)
  • External optimization: Building up a high-quality reference mass
  • Use cards in services with reviews – O tzovik.com and Flamp.ru. Yell.ru. Zoon.ru and other (depending upon the region), forming answers for the company, completing reviews, and maintaining a high rating
  • Help with aggregators and setting up unloading of objects on the website

Why would it be better to leave SEO-optimization to professionals?

The majority of SEO-optimization principles and rules are not understood by employees in the marketing department. They will struggle to grasp the technical details such as the clustering of requests, page titles and increasing external link mass.

This is made worse by the absence of a technical basis: services to analyze the technical condition of the site, or search space.

We have specialists in every area of SEO optimization, including web-developer, senior SEO-specialist, designer, analytics specialist, and contextual advertising specialist.

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