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How to create content for the “Boring” Industries

Marketers often have difficulty creating content for the tech industry. It can be difficult to get customers’ attention to a simple software update. Or, it may be more interesting to show the new product. However, everyone has something to share, even if it’s not obvious.

Phoebe Nous is a content marketer at FreightFriend and chief marketing officer. She shares her experiences and gives tips for finding content ideas.

Begin with the basics

You run the risk of creating content that isn’t relevant to your industry or company and wasting time promoting it through the wrong channels or formats.

Study your audience

Analyze your ideal customer profile first. Once you have a clear understanding of your ideal customer, you will be well on your way to success.

One of my clients was a company that developed software for project management on construction sites. Their ideal client is:

  • A medium-sized general contractor, or a large subcontractor on commercial projects.
  • Companies that have used software already integrated into their product.

We have therefore created the content in order to work with a company that makes other software. We were able thus to increase the audience’s reach by three times.

Find the most popular channels

Distribution is different for B2B than B2C. While it is unlikely that you will use platforms like Instagram or TikTok, industry podcasts and LinkedIn can prove useful. Don’t waste your time on channels that don’t have an audience.

Analyse your key differences

Ask yourself this question: What makes your product/service unique?

A real estate brokerage company might want to attract more investors in order to grow its portfolio. They offer practical services that allow for high interaction and their own method of large-scale investment opportunity assessment.

We were able to create content that covered the valuation of this company. We introduced them as experts in this field. A separate series of materials can be developed that offers advice on investing in real estate.

Where can I find content ideas for B2B marketing?

There are always interesting stories, even in the most mundane industries. These are just a few of the ways you can find them.

Speak to the sales team

Salespeople are more likely to have contact with potential and current customers. They are often unaware of their valuable knowledge.

In one instance, I learned from our sales director that many potential buyers turned down the offer to purchase our software after I offered them a deal.

Many customers don’t compare products with others, but rather evaluate the product based on their own experience. It would be more efficient to use an information campaign to communicate the value of the product and not to make it stand out from the competition.

Refer to the manual

Executives of companies often have extensive experience and unique knowledge in the area of your product, service or industry.

Your company is in software, but your CEO comes from the industrial sector. He can therefore have expert knowledge of this industry. Talk to him about the topic and share some of his interesting cases.

Search for keywords

If buyers are frequent users of search engines, this can be very useful.

You can do this by using tools like Ahrefs or Google’s Keyword Planner.

Next, type in your business name and keywords. A ranked list will be displayed by the services that correspond to your search query.

Search for keywords with low competition scores. This will give you a better ranking in the SERPs.

Partner with you to share your audience

Your software may be used by other companies if you’re involved in B2B program supply. This will be an advantage if the company has a larger client base.

If you have already formed a similar partnership, create content that is relevant to both of your audiences.

Get in touch with experts in your field

There are outstanding experts in every industry who are worth everyone’s attention. Ask them to give you a interview about a topic that they are an expert in. This will create engaging content and attract their attention.

Talk to developers

You can interview development engineers if your company has them.

A major equipment manufacturer approached me one day to ask me to create content. However, they didn’t give me any specific technical tasks. I was able to learn from their teams that they have created a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology. This topic was interesting for not only people in their industry but also representatives from other fields.

Developers also tend to follow market trends and create products based on these.

Take advantage of the accumulated data

You can use the data you have at your disposal to create unique and engaging content.

Energy companies may have data about their energy consumption that can be used to create an attractive map-infographic.

Engage customers

Many customers will be happy to assist you in creating content such as testimonials and case studies. Don’t forget to offer mutually beneficial conditions


Even for boring topics, it is possible to create high-quality and appealing content. Here are the details:

  • Talk to others in the company and within your industry.
  • Use the following principles to SEO.
  • Use the data and resources you already have.
  • Learn about your customers and what your business is all about.

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