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How to get compensation for damage to gates and other structures after an accident

Traffic accidents are not always caused by collisions between cars. An accident can also cause damage to property of others. This is something that few people realize. Many times, damage is done to fences, gates, fences, and pillars when maneuvering in parking lots. Some people also damage fences in private homes, while others damage the house.

Where can I look for the culprit?

Only representatives of the state, notably the traffic police can identify the culprit and record an accident. You must therefore have documentation proving the existence of the accident’s culprit.

Register an accident if someone’s vehicle causes damage to your property.

  1. Contact the traffic police
  2. Keep track of any traffic accident
  3. Request a certificate of an accident
  4. Get in touch with the insurance company

If the vehicle is owned by a legal entity, the employee will be found guilty. However, the employer’s insurance company will pay for the damages.

Consult a lawyer if you are unsure of who to sue for damages. Unreasonable expenses can result from rushing to act.

How can you properly claim compensation for damaged gates?

Many people don’t know where to go or who to compensate for property damage.

A car that moves on the territory of Belarus is required to have compulsory insurance. The driver of the vehicle’s civil liability is therefore covered.

For the purposes of obtaining compensation in this instance, you will need to submit a written request to the insurance company where the liability for the accident occurred.

It is important to determine who will be responsible for the damages. One case in my practice involved the owner of the gate filing a lawsuit to seek compensation from the employer of the victim.

A truck driver for company “B” accidentally damaged a gate as he was leaving the lot. UE “A”, the owner of a parking lot decided to sue LLC “B” for damages to property (sectional gate) caused by the driver who damaged it. This organization was the owner of the vehicle. With the consent of plaintiff, the insurance company of the victim was also involved as a second defendant.

In this instance, the plaintiff was a beneficiary of the compulsory civil liability insurance contract. This type of damage, according to the rules of vehicle insurance is covered by compulsory insurance of civil liability for vehicle owners.

The defendant in this case was wrongly selected. The plaintiff should have immediately contacted the insurance company.

The court refused to settle the claims against UE A, and the insurance company was compensated for the damages.

The parking lot owner would still be entitled to compensation for the property damaged, but because of illiterate actions it was necessary for them to incur unnecessary legal costs. This included compensating the defendant for the legal assistance costs to pay for the work done by a lawyer.

Consult a lawyer if you are unsure of who to sue for damages. Unreasonable expenses can result from rushing to act.

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