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How to get leads to an aggregator website: Clear niche selection, collection search queries, and lots of content

Aggregator websites are useful tools that offer users more value than the standard search in Yandex and Google. However, you must be aware of how to attract the same users before your project begins.

Evgeny Babenko CEO of the digital agency I-complex, explains how to achieve this.

Since more than ten years, we have been involved in the creation and maintenance of aggregators with different orientations. Clients often come to us with no plan for lead generation, but a marketing strategy is essential from the beginning.

Traffic from search engines is the main source of income for any aggregator.

Some aggregators only focus on paid traffic, while others attract customers through affiliate programs. At the moment, aggregators are primarily designed to provide additional value over search engines.

It is important to offer the user opportunities that search engines won’t be able give.

On 32top.ru’s website, doctors and dental clinics, we now have ratings that are based on expert analysis of data. These include the qualifications of dentists at the clinic, the quality and quantity of portfolios, the coverage of services and the communication quality of the administrator. Such a rating is unlikely to be reproduced by search engines.

Define the niche clearly

Before you start work, it is important to select the right niche. This will affect both your marketing plan as well as the future fate of the aggregator.

You must follow the rules of search engines if you want to drive search traffic. Either create a site that has a large number of products or choose a niche with many skills.

The niche must be broad in the first instance, such as medicine or tourism. A profi.ru website is one example where you can find a performer from any field.

The second scenario requires a site that is narrowly focused and has the highest quality content. A site that lists 3D scanner manufacturers and their specifications will provide important information and data for comparison and selection.

This site allows users to quickly identify the best scanner for their needs. The site’s behavior will be recorded by the search engine and the issuance will be more than a marketplace that offers a large selection but is not customizable for 3D scanners.

A large market will not pay attention to niches that are unprofitable. A high level of expertise is also required for qualitative research of narrow niches.

Consider the needs of search engines immediately

Before we start work on the aggregator, search queries are collected for the sites to be promoted in search engines. This will allow you to create pages that are indexed immediately and to close pages that have not been indexed (this is done in order to save the crawling budget for search engines).

We use special services to analyze competitor sites and determine which pages they have and how helpful they are for users. This in-depth analysis gives us a list of key blocks and elements that we must include on our new project.

There are often thousands or even millions of pages in aggregators. In order for search engines to index them all it is important to make every page as quality as possible and to meet users’ needs.

We pay great attention to navigation during the development process. It should be easy and logical for visitors.

Sometimes, the Yandex search engine updates will show a page that isn’t intended for the request. We then investigate the problem, make hypotheses, and adjust. These tasks can take some time but visitors will find the pages they need with careful navigation.

To increase conversions, create content

Traffic to the site may increase, but conversions will not occur if there isn’t enough data to make a purchase.

For example, yandex.Maps contains children’s sections. However, there is no class schedule. This is very important for parents with first-graders.

The availability of key data such as reviews, schedules, ratings, prices, rating, and videos makes specialized aggregators more flexible. To increase conversions, you need lots of content.

The most difficult part of creating an aggregater is collecting content. Data should be as accurate and current as possible. Integration with the CRM system at the clinic is required to show the doctor’s schedule. Data can be retrieved every 10 minutes. This function must be implemented, but it is also necessary that each clinic integrates with the other.

Payed advertising can only be beneficial if there is a high conversion

Paid channels can be contextual or targeted advertisement. When professionally configured, it allows you to get a lower cost per lead than companies’ websites and even small-sized online shops. All this is due to higher conversion rates due to the large range of data and high volume.

However, it is important that all pages on the site are designed to answer all questions and satisfy all intents.

How do you reach your maximum potential?

The strategy for generating leads via the aggregator can be reduced to expertly customized output of large amounts of content.

You need to dig deep into the niche to understand how the site should be organized.

It is essential to think through functionality in detail and follow the user’s journey through the site.

You need to consider the service’s cost and delivery method when evaluating them. Maybe the user is familiar with the service already and is able to make a decision based on the parameters. In this case, he may need to first explain the service and the best way to use it.

We strive to ensure that visitors do not leave our site to search for other sites. To work with a portal for dental services, I had to read all articles, listen to hundreds of interviews with dentists on YouTube and study their websites. I also needed to keep up with all the latest problems by following the chats of dentists in TELEgram.

There is still a shortage in the Russian section of the Internet’s aggregators. There are always new niches that require aggregation, such as renting scooters. Although there is “Yandex.Maps”, which shows the locations of points, and rental sites, there is not an aggregator that lists all rentals. Users can filter the list as they wish.

Aggregators are the future. If you have any ideas, they should be implemented.

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