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How to save money during times of instability

Today, we’ll discuss how to save and make money on cryptocurrency. I will also compare it with other assets. Enjoy your reading!

Today, there are many ways to make money with cryptocurrency. You can buy it and hold it, speculate – buy at the bottom and watch for its rise and then sell it quickly.

I am involved in staking – DPoS technology. This is a relatively recent technology (well, more so than mining). What is the difference between mining and staking?

You don’t need to have a lot of computing power or computers for the mining of cryptocurrency.

We can have a Spacebot cryptocurrency wallet, a phone and enough coins to launch them into our office (delegate). The process of mining new coins started from that point.

I delegate DEL coin in the Spacebot app and have from 7% per mois from my “steak”. These are all your coins that are launched to operation.

Let’s make some interesting comparisons between assets.

We will be investing in three assets as well as leaving rubles “under our pillow”. As a result, what we get will be amazing.

1 asset – a deposit in the bank. You can now invest an average of 10% per year, but I will point out that there were rates of 20% recently due to current world conditions. However, I remind you that it is dangerous to travel here with large sums of money. In such cases, the law will allow you to be returned up to 1.4 million R.

There are two assets: shares and funds. Let me start with stocks. Considering the fact you will be buying a company that is complex, and without proper knowledge, your potential income could be very good at 10-20% per year. However, the 13% tax that the broker will withhold if your shares turn into the black will not be forgotten.

Concerning the funds: They can grow by approximately 5-10% per annum, but there has been a recent decline as well as for stocks.

3 – Home storage of rubles Our money will be “under the pillow.” Rosstat reported that inflation was 8.4% in 2021. We suggest that you did not take anything from your pillow. However, the purchasing power fell by 8.4%. That is, by 84 000 R. It hurts.

4 – purchase and delegation DEL coin. The yield in a month is between 7-8% and 84%, respectively (and this is not compound interest). The DEL coin isn’t a magical pill that guarantees profitability. It is a cryptocurrency. However, you can buy 10 coins now and have the same amount in 10 years. But the benefit is that these coins continue to make new coins. Even if the rate falls, they still release new coins. This is the benefit of all assets.

You can draw the first conclusions. It was certainly interesting. Tomorrow, we’ll continue to discuss this topic. This topic is very intriguing to me. Follow me and we’ll reveal it together.

Until tomorrow!

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