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How to use Pinterest to promote your business

Pinterest is more than a social network. It is also a search engine that allows you to find content on a variety of subjects. You can also find potential customers. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. Brands have a unique chance to promote themselves via visual search. Tips to make your marketing strategy more successful are shared.

Pinterest is currently ranked14th in social networks according to the number of visits. This means that it has approximately 460 million active monthly users.

Pinterest’s advertising reach has never been greater. You can reach more than 200,000,000 people through Pinterest and get more reach for free thanks to the growth company. Pinterest users are always discovering new brands and products. How to make content that helps you present your products and company with them.

1. Create engaging content

Pinterest is a visual platform that combines images and whiteboards. High-quality visuals are required to solve business problems.

What factors influence the popularity of pins?

  • Vertical photos. Statistics indicate that more than 80% users access Pinterest via mobile devices. To avoid photos being cropped, aim for a 2/3 aspect ratio.
  • Quality and resolution. Pinterest recommends that you keep your images to a minimum size.
  • Explanatory, detailed, and interesting accompanying text. This will increase SEO, provide context, and encourage users click on embedded links.
  • The layout for the text. Consider adding text to the image (at minimum a title) in order to improve the visual message.
  • Use a logo that is easily recognizable and attractive to make your brand stand out.
  • Links. Make sure the links don’t redirect to a page with 404 errors and that they load quickly enough to give the user the best experience.

It is also important to maintain consistency in publications. It’s much easier to have a few pins per day than it is to have many. Regular Pins help ensure that content is reaching as many people as possible. You can simplify scheduling publications with tools.

2. Try different formats

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site, but the images don’t tell the whole story. Video can sometimes push you to purchase. Some of the most successful brands in the world prefer to use a variety content. PUMA often uses videos to promote their products.

To create a merry-go round, upload a few images. This will enable you to show multiple angles or products on one pin.

More than 80% of users search Pinterest for new brands and products. However, Pinterest allows users to not only introduce new brands and products, but also create new formats. Inspiration will come from the sharing of training posts and instructions with real customers.

3. Make eye-catching collections

A mere 97% of Pinterest search queries do not include a mention of a brand. To reach people who are interested in the topic or looking for something new, include branded content in boards (collections).

The Reese’s candy retailer webpage features pins that relate to seasonal holidays like Halloween and Easter. You can also alternate them with boards that have more promotional content.

4. SEO-optimization

Pinterest, like all other social networks, is a dynamic, breathable search engine. It is important to make it easy for users to find pins that represent your products or services. Use keywords in descriptions, message boards, hashtags, and other media.

Rich Pins are a way to extract content from your website without duplication. This is a great way to increase SEO.

5. Pay-per-click advertising

Pinterest has almost every tool a company can use to generate organic traffic, including proper SEO and keyword implementation. However, marketers can also use paid ads targeting keywords, age and location as well as other metrics such pins.

Online marketing professionals prefer to use a common strategy. This is where they invest in reaching large numbers of customers, without using any filters. They then do what’s known as detailed retargeting based on the answers.

This feature is also available on Pinterest. Advertisers can target specific audiences with detailed retargeting. This allows them to reach:

  • Site visitors
  • People who have used pins to communicate with them
  • Those who have interacted on the same platform with similar content
  • subscribers.

Pinterest allows you to implement many strategies. These include promoted Pins, curated collections, and video ads. This guide provides a detailed explanation.

6. Track metrics

A successful marketing strategy for any platform, including Pinterest, is dependent on data. This is more true in the digital age than ever.

Social media managers can use key metrics/behaviors to track, analyze, and measure the performance of their content.

7. Promote your profile

Make sure your regular followers on other social networks, where you have a business, know that you’re active on Pinterest. Active promotion means:

  • Place links to your profile on the website
  • Include a link in the e-mail signature .
  • Posting an account on other social networks
  • In newsletters, it is possible to mention information about the profile.

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