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Independent experts provide advice on how to trick equity holders

Today, the topic of deceived investors is still relevant. It is a very Russian scale of the impact of unscrupulous developers on the geography of people. The laws that were intended to prosecute fraudsters are not fully in force. Deception schemes are not an open secret for either law enforcement agencies nor municipalities that have to protect citizens’ interests.

You can only rely on your own knowledge and experience in such situations. We hope you will find the information necessary to make the right decisions about the deception employed by intruders. The construction company often receives money from participants in shared construction projects on the basis illegal contracts. The developer gets the money from investors and keeps it for a very long time.

When the cost of housing increases significantly, it becomes very difficult for him to give out new apartments to depositors. He then goes to the judicial authorities and demands that the contracts be declared invalid. A deceived shareholder cannot count on the return of financial resources that were contributed many years ago.

A one-day company may build an apartment building on land that was intended for another purpose. Many cases have already been filed in which such unapproved buildings were demolished by court order. Participation in frauds like these deprives shareholders of the chance to return their invested capital.

The sale of apartments that are owned by others is a classic example of this scam. This scam means that a portion of the housing in the under-construction house belongs not only the investor or the developer but also the municipality. The protocol is kept secret and is used to regulate the construction. This makes it possible to sell an apartment that is owned by another legal entity.

Lawyers know that any transaction to alienate property is invalid if it is held on bail. The fact that the residential space is being sold is easy for the developer to hide. The concluded contract is deemed illegal and the shareholder cannot claim the apartment.

Finally, there are several ways that a bankruptcy developer can avoid creditors claims. You can, for example, through prior agreement transfer your rights to another construction company, which will not comply with the equity holders’ requirements. There are no current real steps to fight crooks involved in shared construction. They are not allowed to deal with the problems of deceived citizens. Fortunately, there have been some encouraging signs in recent years that we can still hope for the best.

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