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Marketer or Octopus? What your Internet Marketing Specialist Should Know

Alexey Dobrusin, a strategic marketer and founder at digital agency Gedokorp, continues to discuss how marketers work and how clients interact with them in his series “Marketing Without embellishment”.

We will discuss what an Internet marketer should do and what skills are essential.

It is difficult to believe that the Internet market is not fully understanding what an Internet marketer should do. As I have said repeatedly, the marketing market is chaotic and lacks professional standards.

Because there are no standards for Internet marketers, anyone can declare himself to be one. Any employer can also calmly dictate what he means by the term “Internet marketer”.

An Internet marketer is similar to an engineer, or a doctor.

You don’t expect a company doctor to be able to treat your skin and teeth the same way as you. He may also be a pediatrician or radiologist. The same goes for engineers. Engineers are not expected to be equally skilled in shipbuilding or energy networks when you hire them. Instead, engineers have a narrow specialty.

Doctors and engineers have very structured and well-structured markets. They also have professional standards, so there is no chaos in the Internet marketing market.

An Internet marketer is the same specialist as an engineer, doctor or surgeon. This broad term refers to the profession that encompasses many different skills and profiles.

We are lying when we claim that we want an Internet marketer capable of doing everything online.

However, if you go to the HH.ru right now, particularly in the regions of Russia, you will see many similar examples.

A salary of 35,000. The required competencies are: understand web analytics, set up contextual advertising, use SEO optimization, be proficient in Photoshop, be skilled in writing sales texts, set up email marketing and mailings and work with social networks.

These vacancies are plentiful, and almost every third job I see has this look. On average, 4-5 specialists can simultaneously be described in such a vacancy.

It is important to determine the type of Internet marketer that you need based on where your company is at the moment and the tasks you have set up for Internet marketing within the company.

There are many specializations available to Internet marketers, but let’s focus on the five most popular and frequently found on the market.

1. SEO Optimizer

This person is skilled in optimizing the site to appear in search engines “Yandex” and Google in the top positions.

An SEO optimizer is more like a technical specialist than a marketer. It can optimize your site’s structure, determine the search engine requirements and adjust your site to those ranking factors in order to make it more visible in search.

An SEO optimizer can be considered a different type of internet marketer. These specialists are not usually able to create context or work with social media, but they can do SEO well. If your main task is website promotion then SEO will work for you.

2. Contextologist (specialist on contextual advertising)

This person is an expert in how to launch paid advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex context, that is, ads that are displayed in a specific issue.

Contextualists can analyze competitor bids, create cool ads, and understand which offer to make to ensure that your offers look great and get clicked on by your target audience. These people don’t understand SEO or how to use SMM.

A contextualist can help you sell fast from paid advertising campaigns.

3. Targetologist

It works a little like a contextologist but targets targeted advertising on social networks. For example, myTarget in Odnoklassniki , Odnoklassniki , and other services Mail.ru. Target Facebook, Instagram users, etc.

He can also create beautiful ads and understand the essence of your offer. It is not able to create email newsletters and it doesn’t work well with contextual ads.

4. SMM-specialist

This person works with content and creates groups, holds competitions, formulates a content plan, posts on that plan, expands your audience on social media, makes your posts interesting, reposted, and so on.

He may be able to set up targeted ads, but not always. He isn’t familiar with SEO and the context.

5. Email Marketer

This person deals with email newsletters. He can build a list of subscribers and segment it.

He can launch a cool newsletter for you, both a trigger newsletter, which is useful in certain situations, and a regular newsletter. This person probably doesn’t have the right skills to use SEO, context, and targeting. Sometimes email marketers use SMM.

These are the top five types of internet marketers most often found on the market.

Sometimes, the specialist you find blends two types of expertise and has approximately equal knowledge in both areas.

These are the most popular pairs:

  1. SEO + contextual is a marketer who knows SEO and how to create contextual advertising. SEO and context look a lot alike in the beginning stages. They start with collecting key queries. The SEO then integrates these into the site and the contextologist creates paid ads based on those key queries. These couples are easy to find.
  2. Target + context. This specialist is skilled in both contextual and targeted advertising. These people are called media specialists or specialists in media advertising.
  3. SMM + email marketing. This specialist can create communities, make beautiful posts and write cool texts to expand the audience. He is also able to understand email marketing, create mailing lists, and create templates for letters.

Two in one is true, more is not.

As a rule, even though an Internet marketer claims to be a generalist, when you look closer, you will see that he can only do one thing: he starts with context, and then does it with his hands and coolly. The rest is easy to manage.

He can create any type of advertising and even check artists, but he is unable to make it cool, considering all the nuances. He can manage the promotion of your group but cannot write great texts or launch viral campaigns. This is very important.

I review a lot of job opportunities, conduct interviews for my clients, and help them select an Internet marketer. I have identified two types: “solver” or “girl”.

  • “Reshala” is a marketer who claims he can do all things but doesn’t know how. Let’s see what SEO can do! Let’s look at context! This specialist is very troublesome because you’ll get an extra pair of hands who don’t know how to do anything but are actively trying.
  • “Girl” is not a gender. It is a conditional type, not a gender. A conditional marketer is a graduate from a university with great enthusiasm who doesn’t have any practical experience or competencies but understands the concept and is willing to learn. Although such a specialist may not know exactly where he is going or in what section of marketing, he can still apply the knowledge to different areas and see how it works. He has no prior experience and cannot give guarantees.

This means that you will need to understand that there is no one person who can handle all aspects of Internet marketing.

Nevertheless, I don’t think you need to hire five people. It’s up to you to determine what you need and not. Hire a specialist for the task you choose.

How do you reach your maximum potential?

  1. Set your goals and determine what you want from internet marketing. Quick sales? Next, it’s about context and target. Are you looking to engage your audience and tell interesting stories through content marketing? It’s SMM or email marketing.
  2. You can find the right person for you if you’ve chosen the two competencies you need based on your goals. This should be reflected in job vacancies. You don’t need a marketer to do everything.
  3. Decide whether you need a marketer strategist, or a marketing tactician. An Internet marketer usually knows how to do one thing with his hands and how to manage the rest. This means that if you have context you should let the person you are looking to hire be able context-aware and then the rest of the team can manage.
  4. Again, you shouldn’t hire one person to do everything. Internet marketers are no different. Just like you wouldn’t hire just one doctor or engineer to answer all your questions. It is right and it will always pay off.

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