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SEO: How can a business achieve results?

It is still difficult for clients to grasp the website search engine optimization (SEO) service. Problem is the control and guarantee of the result.

Evgeny Kostrov is the founder and CEO of Agency “Charging”. He will discuss the SEO service and how you can get the results.

Assess profitability

SEO is not a tool that will instantly bring you results. There are also niches with high competition.

This money will be used to improve site performance, search engine optimization, content creation, and building link profiles. It can take several days for new pages to be indexed by search engines, even on sites that are successful.

Tips to evaluate profitability

  • Make sure your products and services are in high demand.

It’s possible to do it yourself. The easiest option is to use Yandex’s Wordstat service. You can also contact a specialized agency.

  • Create an advertisement and purchase traffic for the key queries. This will allow you to see the quality of traffic, without the need to use SEO.

What is the purpose of this traffic? How does it convert to calls or requests? Calculate the transactional cycle and the average traffic check. This will allow you to determine the profitability of your economy and whether it is profitable.

  • Do your research on the major competitors to ensure that SEO is part of their internet marketing strategy.

Promoting SEO is indicated by a large amount of text on a site that mentions the product type or name. You can also enter product queries in the search to look at the issue. High positions in the free issue indicate that you are working in this direction.

  • Determine the time and costs required to get results from SEO.

It can take time and effort for a site to be ranked first for key queries. The “long” term is six months. The first search result page does not give more than 30% of traffic.

  • Calculate your economy.

Is SEO cost-effective in terms of budgets and time? Compare the cost per Click in SEO and paid traffic. Big difference?


Aggregators are strong competitors in certain topics. It will be difficult for real estate agencies to compete in search results. Search engines are adding more advertisements, as well as other answers options, to their search results. This decreases traffic to other sites.

SEO is not an agile tool. It takes time to speed up and slow down. You can save advertising money on topics that have high paid traffic and make shareware transitions.

Paid traffic channels are a good option if you don’t have enough money or can’t wait for the results. You should invest in SEO before you have enough funds to do so.

You can control the outcome

SEO only handles traffic from search engines. This tool makes your site visible when users search key terms. They visit your site without clicking on any ads.

SEO does not directly affect the conversion rate or sales. However, there is still the possibility of getting them. It all depends on the sales department and the site.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you promote SEO

  • Traffic.

The web analytics system allows you to see the traffic dynamics from search engines “Yandex”, and Google. Compare the data with the previous month, or the same period last years.

  • Traffic quality.

The web analytics system tracks traffic parameters such as page depth and time spent on site. These parameters depend strongly on the subject. However, if your site is viewed for more than 10-30 seconds, and you receive more refusals on Yandex.Metrica then the quality of traffic may be low.

You can find out whether each search engine brings you calls or requests. Count them. How much of the advertising traffic and search engine optimization is converted into applications and calls? What is the difference?

The average conversion rate for requisitions that result in a purchase should be between 1-5%. Calls to view a video or take a test can result in 50% conversion – this is not just dependent on traffic but also on how well the site’s marketing strategy is done.

Call tracking is required to track calls and request, as well as web analytics.

  • Lead quality.

CRM is used in sales to track calls that come from leads found through search traffic. What is the difference between them and other channels of attraction. Find out the transaction cycle and average check for this traffic.

Make content

SEO success is all about quality content. You will get more traffic if you have more pages.

You can also find copywriting, photo and video contractors in addition to your SEO team. You should aim to become an industry media outlet and provide value to customers looking for information about your topic. Don’t focus on quantity but quality. Also, don’t forget about updating and improving the content regularly.

Another option is to offer customers useful services. You can automate the routine tasks that customers go through when ordering services by identifying what they are.

Your website should be developed

A website that meets search engine requirements is essential in SEO. The yandex directory and Google directories provide basic tips.

Quality website criteria

  • Usability (easy navigation and filling out forms)
  • site loading speed,
  • Relevance and exclusivity of content
  • mobile version,
  • website design,
  • Reference profile

Compare the websites of your competitors to see what their parameters are. You can create order scenarios for both new and existing customers. You can track the Yandex.Metrica webvisor and listen to customer calls. This will enable you to assess the site’s quality. Search engines will recommend sites that solve the most difficult tasks for users. It is more profitable to recommend sites that are better.

Get teams together

The SEO team provided recommendations and an audit. While the development department is busy automating the site’s tasks, SEO edits were implemented incorrectly or with a long delay. They also made a redesign that SEO optimizers didn’t call.

These situations arise because of communication problems between the SEO and development teams. These situations can occur when you give these services to multiple agencies. You need to find a team that is well-coordinated and closes both of those areas or hire a professional marketer to manage communication between the two teams.

It is crucial to conduct a marketing study before developing a website. This includes analyzing search demand and the development of a core semantics.

A website that is not designed by an SEO specialist will not get you a lot of search engine traffic. The SEO specialist should be present at the beginning of the project and provide documentation (TK), to the development team.

Regional promotion

Search engines split search results by city. You will need to decide the location for regional promotion if your central office is in Moscow. Analyze the demand for your products within each city.

A good practice is to create a copy for each city of your catalog and optimize it for the request “Buy a Product in St. Petersburg”. You should create separate websites for each language and country if you want to target foreign markets.

Look out for growth points

SEO is not the only thing that matters. Search engine promotion works best when it’s done in conjunction with other tools. A good brand image will result in higher CTR in the SERPs. Good behavior is only possible with accurate advertising. Backlinks to the website are a key component of a content marketing strategy. Conversion, sales and product are all growth points.

Verify the contractor

There are many agencies that can perform an independent SEO audit and evaluation of the chosen seo strategy. You can seek the assistance of consultants that are not qualified to assist the current contractor.

An SEO audit costs anywhere from zero to one million rubles. As with all digital, the spread can be large. An audit costs on average 30-50 thousand rubles.

The main conclusion

SEO is an investment in site development. If you put in the effort to make your site better than others, you will attract traffic. It is cost-effective. You should test it in advance. Control the outcome. Only invest if you have the money to make it last and can work long hours.

You will receive stable traffic, which is not free but much cheaper than advertising.

How to get SEO results

  1. Make predictions, and count the. You might not need to use SEO but rather with tools that pay faster.
  2. Track the results of your SEO campaign. You should not only evaluate traffic but also the results it brings.
  3. The better, the more skilled content. You can make it more diverse by creating services or game mechanics.
  4. Make your site stand out from the rest. Pay attention to user tasks. Their behavior is what determines whether or not the search engine recommends you.
  5. A SEO specialist should be involved at all stages of the website‘s development, beginning with the design.
  6. Search engines will show you the closest businesses in your city to answer your specific questions. Create your site for regional promotion to receive traffic from each region.
  7. Don’t get caught up in SEO. Instead, search for growth opportunities. A greater impact is achieved when multiple efforts are combined.
  8. periodically conducts an independent SEO audit on the site.

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