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SEO Trends for 2022

As with everything else in the world, the Internet industry is constantly evolving.

What has SEO changed in the last few years?

  • Voice search was introduced.
  • Search engines have greater confidence in the site if there are multiple sources of information.
  • Links. Links. Robots now make sure your site is in the same topic as yours. This prevents trust loss and rapid movements of the resource’s position in the iiiiiz.
  • Low-frequency queries. It’s futile to attempt to rank at the TOP for the query “carpet”. This will result in a lot more work and no benefit. The queries “Buy a Carpet in Volgograd Titov Street”, however, will return all SEO costs.

You might think there is no place else to go, that everything is under control. But, no! Progress will always find its way.

The audience is looking for simplicity and usefulness.

  • Texts for people. Artificial intelligence understands text, so it expects that texts are written in simple language that is understood by everyone. It’s also quite interesting.
  • Site texts should be rich and written by experts in the field. It is a great idea to include all the titles and regalia of specialists on your site.
  • These links are only quoted in articles on reliable resources. Articles written by experts in the field would be a better way to get the information.
  • SEO-promotion takes place over time. It is impossible to “improve” a website in one week. If it does, it will fall down. The Internet platform must be developed in a systematic, qualitative, and one-directional manner, with periodic updates of outdated information.
  • The design was also criticized. It should load quickly, be simple visually, and the large text should not be too obvious. Since the client’s response time is measured, it should also be easily understood by the user.
  • All things related to content visualization are yes! Photos, banners, infographics and graphics, as well as videos, are all possible. Videos and YouTube will soon work together as search engines.
  • YandexZen, GoogleDiscover and other new trends should be developed immediately.

Although it might seem impossible to keep up to the leaders from the outside, only 5% of the sites have ever hired SEO experts. It doesn’t matter how the industry evolves, it’s still in its infancy, so it’s time for you to use it for your benefit.

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