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SMM Trends: The New Decade’s Essential Tools

Social networks are slowly losing popularity. Marketers need to use more tools to keep their campaigns effective.

Maya Mukhamedzhanova is the CMO of TGclick. She says which of them will be effective in the future.

According Hootsuite, We Are Social, the number of people who use social networks has surpassed 3.4 billion by the start of the new decade – that’s 45% of the global population! It is clear that social networking has become a key skill for all marketers.

Hidden advertising and micro-influencers

The trend of constant decrease in audience confidence was established and reinforced in the second half 2010. This, combined with the high price of “millionaires”, led to the shift in business attention to micro-influencers, i.e. bloggers with a small audience.

This marketing strategy has many important benefits.

  1. Although prices for micro-influencers can be quite affordable, most of them will agree to barter for goods or services. You can usually arrange cooperation with many micro-influencers within the parameters of a top blogger to achieve almost the same coverage.
  2. Micro-influencers noticeably have a higher level of participation from subscribers in communication, both between themselves and the blogger.
  3. Mini-blog readers are more loyal than subscribers to large channels.

There is one problem: instead of finding one blogger to be your choice, you will have to search for a dozen. This can be done with services such as Buzzsumo and Influence.co.

Multi-Latency and Digital Detox

People feel more tired of social media the more popular it becomes. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available and FOMO (fear that you might miss something important, which forces you to update your feed constantly) can cause serious anxiety. Users will soon begin to see their enthusiasm for social media as a problem.

Most people will choose the easiest path to overcome this addiction: they’ll just give up social media. exposure Ninja claims that 35% (or more) of the country’s adults make an effort to cut down on their time spent on social media.

The world is showing a similar picture, with several key features that are common to all places:

  1. People are more likely than ever to delete social networking applications from their smartphones. This means that they don’t want to leave the social network but just temporarily pause.
  2. Users will usually choose the social network where they spend most time, which is typically Facebook or Pinterest. However, users find that their addiction doesn’t disappear. They start to look at other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and group chats on instant messengers.

This is how we can draw the simple conclusion that it won’t be possible for to do with lots of Facebook + Instagram. Your campaign should impact all social media networks.

You will need tools that can analyze cross-platform data, such as Popsters, Socialbakers and Amplifr. These services enable you to view key metrics from different social networks in one place, which is extremely useful when planning cross-platform campaigns.

Messengers – Social networks for a new generation

Fidonet’s forums have evolved to include ICQ and forums. As the Internet evolves, users who are interested in content and communication have moved to the most convenient platforms.

This list shows that instant messengers had a long history. However, this era was only beginning with social networks. The same instant chats and the feed took most of the ICQ audience away.

Many users now view social media as too cluttered with information and prefer to concentrate on the core process of communication. This is why instant messengers are so useful.

According Business insider, in 2015 the combined audience of four of the most popular social networks – Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, Twitter, and Google+ – was lower than that of four instant messengers, Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat.

This trend will only continue to grow in the future. This is evident in the Telegram example: in 2016, its audience was 100,000,000, and in 2018, it was 200 million. Today, it is estimated at between 450-600million, and the messenger plans to surpass the billion mark by 2022.

Digital detox, data leaks by Facebook (with a loss in trust in large social media networks), and overloaded interfaces are just a few of the many reasons users pay more attention to instant messaging. This must be considered.

In terms of functionality, Telegram is quickly catching up to social networks, even though it’s simplified. Advertising in Telegram channels is a great way to get excellent results without asking too much of the marketer.

Telemetr, TgStat and Telemetr will help you select the right channels for you product. TgClick will let you evaluate the effectiveness and conduct contests. All the major tools of SMM are at your disposal.

How to make the most of it

Decentralization and cross-platform are the main trends of this decade. These are some tips to help you promote your product online. You can avoid audience fluctuations by maximizing your campaigns.

  1. Make use of all social media networks. Your audience can be represented on any one of them.
  2. Advertise with micro-influencers. It is advantageous from all sides.
  3. Attention to instant messenger promotion

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