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Telegram is a business. It advertises crypto, investments, and startups

An analysis of advertisements in Telegram channels from Telega.in revealed that crypto, investments, and business projects are the most prominently promoted topics in the messenger. The most expensive ads were devoted to crypto.

Telega.in experts found that the CPM indicator, which is the cost of 1000 impressions in an advertisement, in the category Cryptocurrency increased by 4.5 times to 6700 rubles in 2021.

This is the highest rate of growth among all advertising subjects, Vedomosti observed, who was first introduced to the study.

Comparatively, the CPM indicator grew by 1.8x (to 3400 rubles) in the two most popular categories, investments and business/start-ups, and 2.5 times (upto 2100 rubles).

However, cryptocurrency topics are not very popular in advertising. It is only 6% of total turnover. The 12.8% share is invested, while the 9.8% share goes to business/start-ups.

It’s important to remember that cryptocurrency was first introduced in the top 10 most popular areas in 2021 – and quickly moved up to the top three.

This attention is understandable. Although there is no ban on cryptocurrency advertising in Russia (there is only an advertising ban “as a method of payment for goods or services”), ongoing disputes by the authorities force market representatives to choose digital promotion channels.

This is partly due to the fact large advertisers aren’t eager to work alongside this type of advertiser. After being interviewed by Publics Group Russia and Dentsu, Vedomosti reached this conclusion.

The other option is “this category” of advertisers, which chooses a promotion strategy to promote a friend. It focuses on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Yandex.

Different regulations apply to cryptocurrency advertising in digital channels.

  • Yandex.Direct makes it impossible to talk about quick earnings in advertisements, as this would compromise the security of operations using cryptocurrency.
  • In “Yandex. Zen crypt advertising is generally forbidden.
  • You must get written permission from Meta for advertising on Facebook or Instagram (the basis is one among 27 international licenses).
  • Telegram allows cryptocurrency advertising to be done in any way that Telegram permits.

Karen Ghazaryan (director general of the Internet Research Institute) said that messengers also attract players to this market.

“Really young, highly skilled, and a lot IT specialists. This could all lead to a high conversion. This is due to Telegram’s structure – there is no algorithmic or “feed” feed like in Facebook. Telegram allows users to consume content through channels. They also participate in discussions and group discussions. He explains that money can be attracted to Telegram channels in the future.

Telegram is the most useful and free platform for advertising cryptocurrency. This has led to increased competition and an increase in the cost of ads.

This affects both the popularity of the topic and the growth of the cryptocurrency market. According to CoinMarketCap, its capitalization increased three times to $ 2.22 trillion in 2021. Bitcoin’s price jumped 60% to $ 47,000 (and some months later reached $ 68,000).

The Telegram messenger advertising market grew 70% to reach 21.7 billion rubles. There is good reason to believe it will continue to grow, as Pavel Durov , founder of Telegram, announced the launch of a special platform and the start of monetization according to the advertising model.

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