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Text search is no longer an option. Voice search is now optimized

Voice queries are more popular than text queries for users looking for information online. This changes the way SEO is approached. After all, people speak and write differently. We will discuss the features of voice searches and how to optimize content accordingly.

Voice search has evolved to be more than just keywords since the advent of virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Companies should not be focusing on traditional SEO but Voice Search Optimisation.

Voice Search: How People Use It

Understanding how this feature works is the first step. Only then can we optimize content for voice search. The main point to remember is that we don’t speak the same way that we print.

Anyone who has ever used dictation software may have noticed the difference in spoken language to what they are used to typing on a keyboard.

  • Text search: “Matrix 4” release date
  • Voice search: When will “The Matrix 4” be available?

Two things are important to be aware of in this example.

  1. Voice search uses a question and not a list of keywords.
  2. Voice search queries are longer than text searches.

Semantic search is worth looking into. This is an important aspect of voice search, especially if a user has multiple queries.

  • When will The Matrix 4 become available?
  • Who stars in The Matrix 4
  • Did you know that the main actors were filmed in other locations?

This is a relatively new phenomenon for search engines, but they are already able to identify the main purpose of a series query.

They don’t just give the correct answer. Instead, they anticipate potential questions and provide pertinent information. When creating content for a film release date you need to think about related questions.

Try to imagine a conversation between two people. Then predict what they’ll ask next.

What are users most interested in?

VSOs are crucial for local SEO. According BrightLocal 74% smartphone owners use voice searches on a weekly basis. It’s also extremely comfortable behind the wheel. Customers can easily find the information they need without having to be distracted by the road.

A further 32% of people who use voice assistants for local business searches do so to make direct purchases. Let’s suppose a friend is celebrating his birthday.

Voice Search:

  • What gift should you give a friend on his birthday?

Content Ideas:

  • These are the best birthday gifts ideas for friends.
  • This is the perfect gift for a friend on their birthday.
  • What would your loved ones like to receive as a birthday present?

Tips for optimizing voice search

1. Long questions and keywords should be targeted

It is crucial to consider how keywords can be used to target keywords. Google answers is the source of information that will allow you to reach the block and answer your questions.

Google uses short paragraphs with many keywords to analyze blocks.

You can use second-level headings (h2) to inform the search engine that a particular block answers a question.

2. Place emphasis on Local SEO

Voice queries are a great way to find information about local businesses.

It is important to focus on the best local SEO methods for success in a VSO.

Businesses should make use of Google My Business to maximize their data. This is where devices often find information about how users search for local services.

It is important that your company profile contains all information the buyer might need. You can include information such as address and opening hours. Higher conversion rates are achieved if the profile is more detailed.

Don’t forget about optimizing your ads on your maps.

3. Keep up-to-date with the latest research and trends

VSO was recently launched, meaning that there are still many new things to come.

Users are what will determine its future development, so it is important to monitor their activities. You can set up Google Alerts to keep you informed about new trends and market research.

To be able predict future queries, it is important to remember key words and questions. It is important to provide information that answers more than just specific questions.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to see how a mobile audience consumes content.

Voice search users want a concise and clear answer. This is the most important thing to remember. Format content using bulleted lists and brief paragraphs to achieve this. Video content is also important.

VSO is changing rapidly in the future. It is important to stay on top of new trends and innovations. This knowledge will help you grow your business and bring in more customers.

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