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These are the three biggest mistakes in launching a website

My first mistake: I was focusing on the quantity and not the quality of Google AdWords products

You’re more likely than not to Google a service if you need it. This thought inspired me to try AdWords, and I ended up flushing a lot of money down my toilet.

What went wrong? What went wrong? I had dozens of popular keywords that brought me many visitors. However, none of them became leads. The 95% failure rate in our country was due to visitors leaving the site immediately after they visited it. My mistake led to me spending a month’s budget in just days.

How did I fix everything? It is much more profitable to have 100 quality visitors than a million. So I used AdWords to choose more specific keywords that were less popular. In short, I chose not quantity, but quality. My rejection rate fell and people began spending more time on my website.

My second mistake: I underestimated people’s curiosity on the Internet.

The internet is fun. It is used by billions of people every second. Let’s face the facts: Most of them didn’t study at Garvrad. People clicked on my words because they were too generic for AdWords. I have been asked many questions about Florida real estate and how to find an accountant who is qualified in Florida. My experience has shown me that most people click on everything and then waste their time. Potential customers often have questions about the information that appears to be clear and detailed on the website. It turned out that not all of the information was as clear as I expected.

How I fixed it all: I made my site easier to understand. I created sections for “Frequently Asked Questions” as well as “About Us” and uploaded videos that explain what my company does. Although this helped, it didn’t solve the problem. All because he made another mistake.

3. Mistake: I forgot that I was working alongside people

It seemed obvious to me that anyone who needed our services would visit the site and get all the information they need. It would be easy to buy a book from Amazon or a ceramic cup on Etsy. While I enjoyed cocktails in the Caribbean, money would flow like a river to my pockets. This didn’t happen.

Many potential customers required more. My company offered services starting at $65 per monthly. This is a large sum and not everyone would be willing to part with it. Business owners are particularly skeptical. People need guarantees. They need to be able to trust their dealings.

How did I fix everything? I added an operator chat and a reference phone. If the user leaves his email, you can now download technical documentation for free. I later contacted people by mail to answer their questions and offer my services. I wrote to my clients from the past. I was a person who cared about my clients in every way possible.

It was possible that it wasn’t worth doing all the above. However, the site started to work. Despite the fact that there were more registrations, it was still necessary to invest more resources. Avoid these mistakes if you want your website to succeed.

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