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Tonplace, a social network for paid blockchain projects launched by TON

Pavel Durov’s followers launched Tonplace, a social network with subscriptions and cryptocurrency payment. It can be monetized by publishing exclusive posts or sending private messages to subscribers.

Registering users in Tonplace is possible by authorisation in Telegram and the indication of the number.

It is important to note that the platform’s user agreement contains just a few paragraphs, and not other agreements for similar projects. These include the responsibilities, rights, and obligations of each party, as well the subject and terms.

Tonplace is a social network that works with a subscription model. Subscriptions can be paid in cryptocurrency for 2 Toncoin. At the time of publication, it costs $ 5.2 or 400 rubles. Most features, such as publishing posts and not subscribing, are unavailable without a subscription.

You can make your content monetizable by posting exclusive posts or sending private messages to your followers. Ton Coin cryptocurrency is also used for monetization. A referral system is available. The user will be paid 2.5% for attracted referrals.

It was discovered that VK Vice President Andrey ROGozov led the creation of product solutions for the TON project.

Pavel Durov publicly supported developers of TON, and creators of the Toncoin token at the end of 2017. Durov claims that the platform’s technology is “ahead of all other blockchain technology.” Toncoin’s quotes rose by 46% after Durov’s post.

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